Ashridge House

Postcard of Ashridge House

DACHT : 432.5935 Postcard of Ashridge House.
Picture: Dacorum Hertitage Trust

Ashridge House from the lake

DACHT : 48.4 Ashridge House from the lake, now a sunken rose garden
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

William Buckingham of the Ashridge Volunteers

DACHT : 770.1 Photograph of a painting of William Buckingham of the Ashridge Volunteers. He is pictured wearing the uniform of a senior non-commissioned officer of the Ashridge Troop of the Yeomanry Cavalry. Buckingham (1768-1829) was an agent for the Earl of Bridgewater
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

For 700 years, the site at Ashridge has been occupied by a living and working community.

First, as a monastery founded by Edmund of Cornwall in 1283, then as a royal house after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. In 1604, Sir Thomas Egerton bought the estate and his descendents became the Earls and Dukes of Bridgewater.

The architect James Wyatt designed the present building for the 7th Earl of Bridgewater, 1808-1812 and completed by (Sir) Jeffrey Wyatville.

Built in the Gothic style, the exterior gives an impression of solidarity, while the interior is lofty and elegant. It is faced with Totternhoe stone.

View of Ashridge House from the front.

DACHT : BK 6807 (bk6807.jpg) View of Ashridge House from the front.
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

Ashridge House doubles as a temporary hospita

DACHT : 62.21.4 Women patients from London hospitals in what is now a lecture room
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

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