Saving the 70s – I remember…

During our Saving the 70s exhibition in a empty shop unit, visitors had the opportunity to write up what they remembered from the decade.

Dacorum heritage trust saving the 70s exhibition comments

Visitor comments during our Saving the 70s exhibition

Here is what some of them said…

“I remember Lord Mountbatten tell Sea Shanty’s to all the girls at Corner Hall and embarrassing us” November 1970 at the new Mountbatten School.


“I played Space Invaders at the Queen’s Head pub, Lawn Lane. A video game late 1970’s nobody beat my high score then”

“I remember playing rope & clackers!!!”

“Orange leather sofa”

“Smoking upstairs on a double-decker bus, H7 to Grove Hill”

“Nobody talked about Cancer”

“I remember the street parties we had to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee”

“Donny Osmond, Gob-stoppers, Bay City Rollers, Spirograph – played hours with it”

“The reel to reel tape recorder brings back childhood memories – my Dad made us say nursery rhymes to try it out”

“The first TV program I saw in colour was Crackerjack”

“Too much that is here! Feeling old” Sarah x

“I remember Super Mousse chocolate bars, candy tots , tiger tots and another similar packet of sweets all part of the jelly tots family” – Derek

“My grandmother-in-law saved all her Green Shield Stamps and bought us our cutlery for our wedding”

“I remember the Chopper bike and wrestling at the Pavilion. Black and white T.V. SpaceHopper, Rainbow and Playschool”

“My brother had a Chopper and I had a Chipper. We put football cards on the spokes and they made a noise as the went round”

“Definitely remember the Chopper bike and TV where you had to twiddle the knobs to change channel and the record player – Those were the days – “

“Everything is familiar. Wasn’t allowed a Chopper because Mum and dad thought they were dangerous”

“Donny Osmond, My first day at Work, Bell Bottoms and platform shoes”

“I said I would give up smoking when the price went up to 25p from 20p”

“Curly Wurlys and Wagon Wheels were HUGE!”

“The day the Magic Roundabout opened- people from Dickinson’s went out for lunch and were late back from (sic) work because they couldn’t get round the roundabout”

“Playing Hom Pom Save all, Hide & seek, Rounders All Summer long! Hot pants and flares”

“I have come to England since the 70’s but many of these things I remember from my town in Jamaica, Very Nostalgic”

“April 1972 in St. Pauls hospital, I gave birth to my daughter. The lady in the next bed was the first one whose husband was allowed to be present at the birth. This was big news and was in the paper”

“I remember climbing trees without a care in the world, being scared by Doctor Who and Hammer horror films and the Green Cross Code man “Those were the Days!”

“Petticoat magazine, wearing a paper dress to a disco, My Mother making me an all in one flare bottom outfit”

“The Elton John concert at the Pavilion January 1971- our first date”

“Space Hoppers, Corona fizzy drinks lorry delivery, Fisher Price toys, Ladybird books, Pallitoy Treehouse”

“I remember Little Professor & View Master – great days” x x

“Star Wars and Jaws” “Speak and Spell”

“Bell Bottoms, Platforms, Big Hair, Good Music. Disco”

“Playing out in the street and going on adventures”

“My memories – very early 70’s SLX Lamberetta 50 scooter, Chrome Red and white, 14 mirrors, KL back rest, Tigers Tail- Feathered haircut, Parker Coat . Brilliant times x”

“Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie’s Angels, Starsky and Hutch”

“Going to Top of the Pops in 1975”

“I remember Woolworths in Hemel Hempstead”

“There was a British Leyland factory in Maylands Avenue. At lunch time the workers lined up by the gate , which was then released so they could ‘escape’” M Pitt

“Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, The Wombles, Cheese fondue parties, The Little Professor, 10pm for a little bag – paper filled with sweets !”

“Playing Little Professor and thinking it was very high tech!!”

“Mum & Dad wallpaper Op. Mountbatten opening, brother was there”

“Muhammad Ali visit to Hemel 1976”

“Two Waters Road had a right hand turn next to the hump back bridge – and once a bus was on the bridge no-one else could pass! It was far quicker to get into town by going up past the station, past The Fishery Inn”

“No shops open on Sundays. 20p mixed bag of real sweets. Playing out for hours with friends. Top of the pops. Space Hoppers. 70’s clothes my flares. Hand me down shoes and toys. 17p return bus ½p fare to town.”

“3 day week and blackouts in the evenings” Zoe

“I remember 16-21 club. Rockers motor bike club.”

“Rupert Bear and playing conkers!!”

“I remember Sunderland winng the FA cup 73 – I was 18.”

“I remember Bazooka Joe bubblegum”

“I remember my Mum and Dad buying me a red chopper bike it was second hand.”

“Fruit Spangles”

“Although I was born in 1980 my partner was born in 1971. Back then I feel life was better ie children had freedom”

“Bungle, Zippy Geofrey and George! Rainbow! Oh and Playschool!”

“Going to the Wimpy in Hemel and having a ‘Knicker Bocker Glory!’”

“ABBA and Boney M”

“The Faces at the Pavilion. Brilliant!”

“The 1970’s started with me going to 6th form at school – and ended with the birth of my daughter. In between was work, marriage and home making. I remember my first purchase in decimal coinage – 6 rolls (bread). What a decade!!”

“I remember the Atari ST – Space Invaders!!”

“Muhammad Ali visits Hemel Hempstead 1976” (1971)

“Flares, record player, Ah Bisto. Best years ever.”

“I remember curly perms”

“Our 1st house in Concorde Drive cost £ 8350 in 1971.”

“Watching the Banana splits on a Saturday morning.”

“The days when there was a grass triangle on the high street Bov no roundabout then.”

“Being really happy”

“The day Mark Bolan died”

“Spotted my Dad in a photo I’ve not seen before – Lovely Hemel fete 1977.”

“I remember playing jacks in the playground.”

“How many could you get in a mini, we could fit 8 people in!!!”

“I also remember Dinky toys.” Derek.

“There used to be a smaller bike than the Chopper called a Tomahawk”

“Texas instrument ‘speak and spell’”

“No big supermarkets. Cheap petrol. Gadebridge park summer Fetes. Chopper bikes. No mobile phones.”

“Pixies hill school army huts”

“I remember the summer of 76 nice and hot”

“Moved to Hemel Hempsted in 1951. exhibition reminds me what my home here was originally like”

“1970 me and my sister shared a tape record given at Christmas we thought we were in heaven”

“I remember playing in the street. Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon in town. The sweet at thyme music lawn lane. Saw the Bay city Rollers at the Pavillion. Bring back the pav!”

“I remember having to share a ‘party line’ with next door neighbour for telephone.”

“My memory was seeing Mick McManus wrestle at the pavilion 1976.”

“I wrote to the author of Mr Men and explained that they were sexist as there wasn’t a girl version. He wrote back and 2 years later the little Miss books came out”

“‘The great smell of Brut!’ (Henry Cooper in the advert!)”


“Bands at Pavillion so many good ones. More sense of community.”

“I can remember the coronation yard down Bridge Street.”

“I remember the first edition of Blue Peter.”

“Beer at 23p a pint!”

“Carpenters! Pink Floyd.”

“Driving without seat belts!”

“In the 70’s fashion nobody would have believed the statement ‘less is more’. In those days more was definitely more, and the more the better.”

“Playing out all day and coming home when it started to get dark. No mobiles either! Sunny all summer good old days.”

“Playing out all day, swings, trees, skates that fell off.”

“Having a ‘Snowball’ drink! Cherry, lemonade, advocate, lime juice.”


“Glass milk bottles”

“Polaroid instant print Camera.”

“Angel Delight!”

“Halsey school The Osmonds Bay City Rollers platform heels feeling safe.”

“Meeting John Pertwee (Dr Who) at the Pavillion + others”

“Princess picture house B girls/Boys corner hall school!”

“Bus fare being 5p!”

“I remember super stars with Brian Jacks and the Six million Dollar man.”

“I have just arrived from India and was very amused and amazed at variety of cars in all colours of the rainbow. Its more muted now!”


“Sleepy Sundays as no shops were open!”

“I worked at the wagon and horses. Never should have pulled it down”

“My jumper with 3 stars on it.”

“Burton Booston school of dancing in High street over Burton Taylors”

“Saturday morning pictures and our friend getting a traffic light lolly stuck in her hair!”

“Playing British bulldog”

“Mum thought I was into the Bay City Rollers – No! Alice Cooper!!! About as far as you can get. My mother did not know me very well.”

“Why don’t we have a museum?”

“Chips from the chippie”

“The wagon and horses pub and playing in its garden”

“Disco Jackson 5 afro hair bell bottoms carefree fun my first child.”

“The silver jubilee, we had a street party!”

“School milk in glass bottles.”

“Cherry ‘B’ my fav drink”

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