Sponsoring Weapons in Dacorum

Spitfire (No.P8787)

DACHT : 62.26.4. This spitfire (No.P8787), was adopted by Hemel Hempstead, and was based at Kenley and entered service in August 1941. It flew 21 operational sorties before being lost on 20 September near Abbeville whilst supporting bombers over a series of fighter bases.
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

Banner promoting 'Salute the Solider' week in Apsley.

DACHT : 62.13.17. Banner promoting ‘Salute the Solider’ week in Apsley.
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

HMS Berkeley (L17) Hunt Class destroyer'

DACHT : 62.26.6. ‘HMS Berkeley (L17) Hunt Class destroyer’ was sunk after being crippled by enemy aircraft in 1942.
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

 The crew of HM P44 United

DACHT : BK 7224. The crew of HM P44 United saw much action from their base in Malta. On one occasion they dived for over 36 hours during which time they were heavily shelled.
PIcture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

HMS Artic Hunter

DACHT : 62.26.16. Tring sponsored HMS Artic Hunter. The steam trawler was hired by the Admiralty in August 1939 and fitted with a 12lb gun as defensive armament in order to be used as a minesweeper. It continued in active service until May 1945.
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

Commanding Officer of HM United, Lieutenant J Roxborough

DACHT : 62.26.5. Having heard of the birth of his child whilst returning to Malta, the Commanding Officer of HM United, Lieutenant J Roxborough, flew the additional ‘Jolly Roger’ of a stork for the entry into the harbour.
Picture: Dacorum Heritage Trust

Throughout the war, towns and cities across the country raised money to help purchase warships, aircrafts and other weaponry.

The various event – ‘Wings for Victory’, ‘Warships’ and ‘Salute the Solider’ weeks were organised by the National War savings committee. A competitive element was sometimes introduced with rival towns pitted against one another to see which one could raise the most.

During ‘Wings for Victory’ week of 1940, Hemel Hempstead raised over £5,000 to sponsor a Spitfire.

This was followed by ‘Warships Week’ in 1942, when the town raised over £286,000; £35,000 more than its challengers, Rickmansworth and Chorleywood. Hemel Hempstead adopted a Hunt Class destroyer and it was named ‘Berkeley’ in commemoration of the Old Berkeley Hunt, which was based at Shendish House for many years.

Berkhamsted, with help from Potten End and Little Gaddesden, raised over £215,000 and adopted a submarine, HM P44 United.

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