DHT Summer Quiz


Every day throughout August 2020 we posted a quiz question on social media.  Our website may help you answer them.

#DHTsummerquiz Question 1 An iron foundry operated at No 25 High Street in the old town. What was the name of the company known for casting the town’s water fountains?

#DHTsummerquiz Question 2 The Egerton family, Dukes and Earls of Bridgewater lived at Ashridge House for nearly 250 years. Name the family that succeeded them in 1829?

#DHTsummerquiz Question 3 All that is left of a Tudor house (2nd on the site) is the Charter Tower in Gadebridge Park. When was the building completed?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 4 Who invented sheep dip in 1852 and started a factory in Berkhamsted to manufacture his product?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 5 The Sharp family of Bourne End were famous for which cottage industry and had a lane named after them?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 6 When was Apsley railway station opened by the LNWR?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 7 Hemel Hempstead is unusual in having at least a dozen villages, hamlets and areas with a name ending in End within four miles of the town centre.  e g Warners. End  Name them?  (You may need a pre 1950 map for help )


#DHTsummerquiz Question 8 Thomas Coram established a foundling hospital in London (1739) and moved to which site in Berkhamsted in 1935 with 400 children?



#DHTsummerquiz Question 9 Which company established in 1777 moved from London to Apsley and had the name of the firm displayed in large letters  on the boiler chimney?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 10 Which company started by supplying the Navy with a remedy for Scurvy and moved to Boxmoor Wharfe in1946 until closure in 1983?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 11 Which local mill was destroyed by an explosion in 1918?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 12 In Berkhamsted what remains of John Alsford’s timber yard beside the Grand Union Canal? Bonus points if you can share an image!


#DHTsummerquiz Question 13 If you dug up the forecourt of Hemel Hempstead railway station what might you find?  ( Not a plastic bottle )


#DHTsummerquiz Question 14 The American 92nd Bomber Squadron was based at Bovingdon Airfield in 1942. Which type of famous plane did they fly?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 15 In what year were the medieval wall painting in Piccotts End discovered?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 16 Which James Bond actor lived in Leverstock Green?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 17 Bourne End used to have three pubs in a row on the A41. The White Horse and The Anchor are still trading but what was the third pub which became Fred’s Café and is now the Great Outdoors camping shop?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 18 The Nickey railway line originally ran from Hemel Hempstead to Luton but in 1888 was diverted to which destination?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 19 Stage coaches became the fastest mode of transport in the 18th century. Berkhamsted was situated on the main coaching routes to London and the Midlands and, by 1824, there were two passenger coaches travelling to London at 7am and 8am. What was the name of the carriage builders, whose premises were 235 High Street Berkhamsted?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 20 In 1276 Who built the magnificent palace that once stood in Kings Langley?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 21 What is the correct name for the Magic Roundabout consisting of one large roundabout surrounded by six smaller roundabouts?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 22 Name the area, near to the Old Town, where in the past you would find a Victorian Police Station, the Anchor Brewery and an old watermill?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 23 What is the name for the Roman road which ran from Kings Langley to Tring?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 24 Where is the source of the river Bulbourne?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 25 In 17th century Katherine Ferrers became the “Wicked Lady” of Markyate because of what notorious occupation?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 26 Which new pub was built in 1956 in Warners End and named in honour of the conquest of Everest?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 27 From 1936 Shendish manor was used as a sports and social club, but for what local company?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 28 In 1910, Kings Langley was chosen as the site to manufacture Ovaltine, but when did they produced their last jar of Ovaltine?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 29 The Kodak Kolorkins came to Earth from the planet Koloron in search of colours that didn’t exist on their own planet.  They were named photography related names Red was named Flash, Gold named Snap, Green named Zoom, but what was the dark blue Kolorkin named?


#DHTsummerquiz Question 30 The car park next to Waitrose in Lower Kings Road was the site of what factory, which closed in 1969?



We hope you enjoyed our #DHTsummerquiz. Answers are below.


  1. Answer: Cranstones or Phoenix Foundry
  2. Answer: Brownlowes
  3. Answer: 1559
  4. Answer: William Cooper
  5. Answer: Watercress
  6. Answer: Sept 1938
  7. Answer: Apsley End, Bennetts End, Counters End, Fields End, Frogmore End, Green End, Holtsmere End, Jockey End, Piccotts End, Potten End, Pouchen End, Stags End and Warners End.
  8. Answer: Ashlyns School
  9. Answer: Kents Brushes
  10. Answer: Rose’s Lime Juice
  11. Answer: Two Waters Mill
  12. Answer: Canadian Totem Pole
  13. Answer: Boxmoor Roman Villa
  14. Answer: Boeing B-17 or Flying Fortress
  15. Answer:1953
  16. Answer: Roger Moore
  17. Answer: Fox and Hounds
  18. Answer: Harpenden
  19. Answer: E. Kings and Sons.
  20. Answer: Eleanor of Castile, the wife of King Edward I
  21. Answer: Plough Roundabout
  22. Answer: Bury Mill End
  23. Answer: Akeman Street
  24. Answer: Between Cow Roast and Dudswell
  25. Answer: Highway robbery
  26. Answer: Top of the World
  27. Answer: John Dickinsons
  28. Answer: 2002
  29. Answer: Click.
  30. Answer: The Mantle factory

Thanks to Mike and Roy from the Hemel Hempstead Local History and Museum Society

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