School Workshop-Cranstone Painting/Talking Textlies

The Victorians/talking textiles project – The Lefevre Cranstone Painting ‘ A Market Trader’ was used to look at the High Street then and now.  In groups, pupils drew their ideas of the High Street in the future. They also created textiles showing areas around Hemel Hempstead.


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‘What I enjoyed most today … (the pupils filled in thought bubbles about the workshop).

“It’s so interesting that it was an actual Victorian PICTURE.”

“I enjoyed the part when you showed us the painting, because there is so much detail and it is interesting about what they sold in the Victorian times.”

“ I enjoyed every single bit of it! I especially liked drawing as a group, it was a great chance to be creative and have a think of all the stuff that might be in the future.  I also liked looking at the oil painting at Hemel Hempstead old town.  I always wanted to know if there were many types of shop and what they sold.”

“Looking at all the real things that people actually used because it is really special to be looking at real things.  I also enjoyed working together and drawing things that may be around in the future and it really tested our brains to think of the inventions.”

“Looking at that painting because it was very detailed and now we know that a really excellent painter lived in Hemel.  Also I liked doing the picture because we worked together and made a piece of art. It was really great. Thank you.”


After the workshop the pupils produced textiles like this of Hemel’s High Street.


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