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On 27th May The Dacorum Heritage Trust Ltd with Hertfordshire Libraries hosted a handling workshop at Tring Library.

This attracted over 12 children and 5 adults giving lots of positive feedback.  The children handled WW2 objects, which then inspired them to draw story boards of ‘how they found the artefact’, ‘how they would find out what it was’, ‘what it was used for’ and finally ‘what would they do with the artefact’ for example donate it to the museum.

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“Really Fun and interesting, I really enjoyed” – Child, 9 years
“fun, I really enjoyed it” – Child, 6 years
“It was epic!” – Child, 9 years
“I thought the event was amasing, I loved it” – Child, 6 years

Comments from the adults
“very well targeted for 7-11 age group.  My son aged 7 really enjoyed it, Great to have the items from the local history museum and expert from the museum who spoke well to the children”
“Hands on approach to history – works well”
“great activity on a wet half term afternoon!”
“Excellent, very interesting, kept all children thoroughly focused for over an hour”
“My children found this event very interesting. They really enjoyed handling the artefacts and listening to the history of each item”
“The bomb was of particular interest. The children were fascinated by the fact that a paper factory could change to make bombs! They also found the idea of a blackout shield really interesting”
“both the children enjoyed handling the objects and nice little activity especially in the centenary year of WWI”

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