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Tring & District Local History & Museum Society has had a good year despite Covid. During lockdown we held Zoom lectures with average attendance well over 50 people, including one ex-Tring resident clocking in from Australia.
A newly-designed website ( has been successfully launched, and we are on the road to Museum Accreditation.
Meanwhile the Oral History project is setting goals and we plan to work with Dacorum Heritage in a joint initiative to bring history to the care homes and sheltered accommodation of Tring.

History News
1) Heygates Flour Mill. A Step in Contemporary Curating
Working in partnership with Tring Camera Club, Richard Tregoning approached the Heygates management to obtain permission to photograph every step of the process. Tring Camera planned exactly how and where to photograph from the grain coming in to flour going out, which included drone shots of the works.

We learned an amazing story, and a few facts are worth noting. The mill has visits from 11 different inspectors from Government Departments including Weights and Measures and Health & Safety. Then there are the inspectors from the big supermarkets for own brands. One inspector insists on different colour brushes on different floors. Members of different faiths visit to ensure special standards are met. Did you know that self-raising flour for Chinese restaurants is different and specially formulated? Or that Heygates has a bakery in Manchester to which a tanker full of flour goes every day? Or that the Heygate family started in business just after the First World War and now have two major bakeries, two big flour mills and farms for fresh produce?

2) Rothschilds Research News
With seven estates in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire new information is being revealed. Tim Amsden is researching William Huckvale the Tring architect who was employed by the Rothschilds of Tring Park Estate to design over 240 cottages, farms, Hastoe Village Hall and the Counting House. Mr Huckvale was a busy man.

In the last 12 months we have received copies of magnificent views of Tring given to Walter Rothschild, who was given Natural History Museum at Tring on his 21st birthday in 1889.

We are progressing with a major transcription of the Emma Rothschild’s Journal of 1915. Every item of expenditure was noted, from paying the dairy boy’s season ticket to London so that the Rothschild House in Pall Mall had fresh milk for breakfast, to subscriptions to a huge range of charities. Local expenditure on fencing and gardening is itemised, as well as the telephone bill of only 1 shilling and sixpence (7.5 new pence). In those days this method of communication was rare. Huge sums of money were spent on everything else but even Waddesdon had no phone until 1925 after Alice Rothschild’s death.

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