The Romans Workshop

Using artefacts found at Gadebridge Roman Villa

This workshop enables pupils who may have studied the Roman period to realise how close they live to Roman settlements in Dacorum. We have a wealth of local archaeology from the Roman period and try to show this part of our local heritage in this session.


Divided into three groups, the class will be able to explore all three of the following sessions:

  • A handling session in which the pupils handle and discuss the uses of real Roman artefacts from the period including pottery and pieces of mosaic.
  • Gadebridge Roman Villa lies underneath the Leighton Buzzard Road and was excavated in 1964. We explain what we think it looked like by using a 3D model and show the layout of a typical villa. We pose the question of who lived there and why?
  • A craft activity – One of the artefacts shown in the workshop is a roof tile with the imprint of a dog paw. Using this as inspiration, pupils are given a tablet of air drying clay and encouraged to decorate it with Roman numerals and other Roman features.

“Children loved handling the oyster shells and enjoyed guessing what they were used for. This led them to question what Romans may have used for knives and forks” – George Street Primary

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