Fireworks and Festivals wrap-up

At the end of another successful exhibition, I thought it would be worth writing a short piece wrapping up my experiences of the entire event and sharing some of the feedback we got from the public:

So before starting at DHT I had never even volunteered to work at an exhibition let alone helped organise and prepare for one, to say I was daunted by the idea would be a gross understatement but thankfully the excellent team here had already laid much of the groundwork and were on hand to provide much needed advice and guidance throughout the entire process.  So, I got started researching and learning all I could about Brocks Fireworks, which proved to be a much longer task than I initially anticipated but an incredibly rewarding one as I learnt a great deal about Brocks fireworks and different festivals around the world.  After collating all the information together, I began the process of editing down the text and placing them into panels for the final display which involved some stressful moments trying to fit both pictures and walls of text into a single panel but thankfully we managed to persevere, and I am very thankful for all the appreciative feedback about the design of the exhibition.


Then finally, following some misadventures with rogue leaflets and last-minute adjustments, the exhibition was ready to be set up. I was perhaps slightly unprepared for the surprising level of effort needed for an exhibition to be physically set up but we managed to get it done and were finally ready to open. Although I personally wasn’t there for the opening it proved incredibly successful with many people coming to see not just the exhibition but also the creation of some fantastic rangoli art which proved to be a crowd drawing object for the entire week.


We also had special events run by the Jewish Museum, The Dacorum Indian society and Kz entertainment all of which proved popular and successful.  We would like to give a thanks to these organisations, as they brought in a much needed colourful and engagement activities for our visitors.

It was also wonderful to see people really engage with the exhibition either by learning about Brocks for the first time or by sharing their own memories of not just Brocks but of how Hemel and Dacorum used to be. So, there is my perspective at least on what it was like to be part of the exhibition which was a unique experience for me from beginning to end.

So now onto the moment of truth, the feedback. I’m pleased to report that it is overwhelmingly positive with a number of people expressing how much they had learnt as a result of the exhibit and how enjoyable they found the design and layout of the exhibition. However, nothing is perfect and there were lots of valuable suggestions on how we could improve for next time but almost all of them followed a common theme of wanting more, although there was some variation in exactly what they wanted more of, but it broadly fell into three categories: More Information, More Artefacts and More Interactivity. Thankfully these are all improvements that we can and will work towards for next time as we hope to bring you even more exciting and enjoyable exhibitions in the future.

A massive thanks goes out to all volunteers who contributed their time prior to and during the exhibition.

Patrick Antipof Marketing Assistant 

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