Introducing Our New Collections Manager- Therese Clews

Welcome to our new Collections Manager, Therese Clews.

We thought that we would take this opportunity to introduce her and have her explain a little bit more about her experiences and her role here at Dacorum Heritage.


What is your job title and what do you do?

I am the new Collections Manager for Dacorum Heritage. My role is to look after the day-to-day care and access of our objects and those we store for the local history and museum societies. My focus is to preserve, develop and promote the collections of Dacorum Heritage and local heritage organisations using my Collections Management knowledge and expertise.  

Where did you work before?

I worked as a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Leathercraft in Northampton. My job there involved writing the procedures for Accreditation as well as auditing, monitoring the storage environment and carrying out a project to decant and move of objects in three internal stores to a new open storage area in the museum. Prior to that role I worked as the Collections Information Manager for the Parliamentary Art Collection and Collections Documentation Officer at the V&A as well as other roles at the Science Museum, Royal College of Physicians and the Herbert Museum in Coventry.

Did you always want a career in museums?

I have always been interested in museums and galleries since I was young. I have fond memories of visiting both local and national museums as a child.  I later decided to do an Art History degree followed by a museum and collections management post graduate degree. I have always wanted to work with social history collections and in a collections management role. I am passionate about making collections more accessible to the public and preserving them through good Collections Documentation and object care.

What am looking forward to?

I am looking forward to working with a wide variety of objects and learning more about the heritage of Dacorum. I am also looking forwarded to bringing my knowledge and collections care expertise to the store. I am particularly looking forward to working closely with our volunteers and the museum societies and the DHT team to promote Dacorum’s heritage.

Which object is your favourite in the collection?

This is a tricky question to answer as being so new to the Store its hard to choose a favourite object.

There are so many fascinating objects stored by Dacorum not only ones in DHT but also those belonging to the societies. For me the appeal of local history collections is the stories the objects tell about the people that used them and places they were made.  With that in mind my current favourite object at this point in time would be the Tring Milk cart as I recently had a fascinating telephone conversation with a man who had previously worked on the Farm with our Milk cart back in the 1950’s. Another interesting object would be the Ovaltine lady as it is in the style of the American Stevens-Gross art agency of the 1940’s who also did the illustrations for American airlines advertisements and cosmopolitan magazine.

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