WW1 Centenary Artwork

dove artwork for website header100 canvases to mark the 100 years since the end of WW1

The canvases below were created at Berkhamsted Arts & Crafts over the Summer of 2018 to commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War.  Many of them created by children during three workshops, which were introduced by the staff and volunteers from Dacorum Heritage Trust, using artifacts, photographs from the period to help inspire the participants.

The work they produced was creative and inspiring. Many of the pieces had 3d elements, using books to show diary entries, poppies and medals for example. They were all inspired by the collection.  One object that we showed was the Princess Mary Christmas Tin and so some of the children created 3d chocolates into their designs.

Niki Bell (tutor at BAC) ran sessions during her after school clubs looking at the work of UK Pop artist Peter Blake who painted the ferry on the Mersey, reflecting the idea of Norman Wilkinson who invented the dazzle camouoflage in WW1 not meant to hide but to distort speed and direction so the enemy couldn’t work out the co ordinents – can you guess which ones these are?

The remaining canvases were created by adults attending our Wednesday Drop-In sessions, 10 year olds attending our sewing club, staff at Berkhamsted Arts and Crafts and volunteers and staff at Dacorum Heritage Trust.

Each canvas had one thing in common:

The Dove

it had to be on the canvas somewhere,
can you find it on all the canvases?

Please respect the artist’s work and do not copy images without asking permission. Thank you.

“This type of activity is so important.  My daughter learnt so much, she came home filled with information.  It is great children have had the opportunity to contribute and it’s important to show them the consequences of war” – Parent of participant

Julie Brown
Maria (age 11)
Lucinda (age 11)
Jane Pounder
Sofia (age 9)
Jack (age 9)
Olivia (age 9)
Olivia (age 9)
Scarlett (age 9)
Louisa (age 9)
Isabella (age 13)
Fiona Kent
Anna Cornwall
Gabi (age 13)
Rishka (age 10)
Finn (age 12)
Kitty (age 8)
Lauren Damasa
Lauren Damasa
Eleanor (age 14)
Eva (age 9)
Eva (age 9)
Ruby (age 8)
Freya (age 7)
Rosie (age 9)
Lillian (age 10)
Rebecca (age 14)
Edward (age 9)
Niki Bell
Kieran (age 13)
Kieran (age 13)
Jack (age 9)
Jane Wood
Kitty (age 8)
Charlotte (age 13)
Eleanor (age 10)
Eleanor (age 10)
Eilidh (age 9)
Poppy (age 10)
Vonda (age 12)
Freya (age 7)
Olivia (age 12)
Keeley (age 12)
Niki Bell
Rory (age 15)
Rosie (age 11)
Olivia (age 9)
Lucinda Monks
Maddison (age 11)
Tommy (age 13)
Albert (age 7)
Lydia (age 12)
Theo (age 7)
Emma (age 11)
Niki Bell
Amelia (age 9)
Emily (age 10)
Eleanor (age 8)
Tommy (age 9)
Emily (age 12) and Kirsty
Rachel (age 13)
Keith Jefferies
Georgie (age 10)
Bethany (age 8)
Joseph (age 7)
Ellie (age 7)
John Brown
Anna (age 12)
Ella (age 15)
Jane Pounder
Amelia (age 9)
Daniel (age 13)
Hannah (age 9)
Alice (age 11)
Savanah (age 11)
Ellen (age 12)
Yvonne Lummis
Tina Gibbs
Charlie (age 10)
Saya (age 9)
Sarah (age 9)
Tilly (age 13)
Anna Cornwall
Abbie (age 14)
Katy Leigh
Pippa (age 12)
Erin (age 10)
Alfie (age 8)
Joanna (age 12)
Thea (age 9)
Caitlin (age 9)
Niki Bell
Freya (age 10)
Paula Daddow
Laz Kidd
Jane Lee
Nina Glencross
Anne Anderson
Neve (age 1 1/2)
Zara Power
Rod Gibbs
Laz Kidd
Sue Forster
Anne Anderson
Jo Kidd
Sofia (age 10)

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